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"If you don't do your dance, who will?" 

-Gabrielle Roth

Bring Movement Arts & Mindfulness to Your School and be Amazed by your Students' Creativity and Joy!

Eden has been coming into my first grade class for almost three years. Movement class remains one of the highlights of the week for the first graders. The students have learned not just movement, but also about the feel and the beat of music. Furthermore, some of the most shy students have started to come out of their shell during movement class and interact in way that I have not witnessed all year. One of her activities, mirroring, where the students find a partner and mirror what that person does, teaches students improved observational skills and to work together to move through the room. Her activities build self confidence in a manner that is both interactive and entertaining for the students. 

~Tracy Oakland, 1st Grade Teacher Topa Topa Elementary School 


Movement Arts • Mindfulness


Connecting to ourselves, to each other and to the earth through movement arts and mindfulness

Children & Families


Movement Arts, creative dance, mindfulness programs designed for schools, students preK-12th grade, Teachers and families  

Dance, Movement & Mindfulness in Schools


Creative dance in schools supports social and emotional learning and various subject areas through collaborative dance making, embodiment and creative expression 


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This dance is the joy of existence ~ Rumi

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