Programs for Women & Children of all Ages

Movment Arts & Mindfulness in Schools


Movement Arts/creative dance programs for schools designed to nurture creativity, promote social and emotional learning, cooperation and collaboration and enhance somatic awareness among students of all ages. This curriculum also supports learning in health and other subject areas  

Professional Development/Dance Curriculum for Educators


Workshops and classes for Teachers and Educators who want to bring movement arts and mindfulness into their classrooms and workplaces to support their students' learning and confidence through creative movement, collaboration and self-expression 

Family Dance & Yoga


Classes and workshops supporting the relational connection between child and caregiver and the development of sensorimotor skills of babies, toddlers and young children. The focus is on dynamic movement, rhythm and play. These workshops also offer movement resources for parents/caregivers and ECE Teachers. 

Pre/post natal yoga, movement & meditation


Classes and workshops for women at all stages of pregnancy and early motherhood combining yoga, movement and meditation that support and nourish women's body, mind, and spirit during the very transformative time of pregnancy and postpartum 

Community Workshops


Do you want to bring movement and meditation to your event or community setting? HeartBeats Dance offers tailored workshops for diverse communities, special events and individuals and welcomes collaboration with other dance/movement and mindfulness Teachers 

Enrichment Programs & Movement Arts Curriculum


Movement Arts enrichment programs for all school age children. These programs include creative dance and yoga inspired by the five elements- earth, fire, water, air and space, designed to support their connection to nature, enhance their understanding of their bodies, support mindfulness and engage their innate creativity 


Eden Flynn has been teaching dance to my kindergarten students for the last year. She is fabulous! My students love "dance days" and they love Eden! She has taken my young student's love of movement and helped them find different body parts, different levels for movement, and different ways of moving. Essentially she has been teaching my kindergarteners the elements of dance and wow, they love it so much. One of the best parts of our time with Eden is that before the end of class I'm up dancing too. 

~Angie Genasci, Kindergarten Teacher Topa Topa Elementary School

Eden Flynn is an exquisite dancer and gifted Teacher. She is soulful and loving in her approach to teaching and to dance with her is a joy! 

~Peggy La Cerra, Ph.D.

Eden has been coming into my first grade class for several months this school year. Movement class remains one of the highlights of the week for the first graders. The students have learned not just movement, but also about the feel and the beat of music. Furthermore, some of the most shy students have started to come out of their shell during movement class and interact in way that I have not witnessed all year. One of her activities, mirroring, where the students find a partner and mirror what that person does, teaches students improved observational skills and to work together to move through the room. Her activities build self confidence in a manner that is both interactive and entertaining for the students. We will miss our sessions with Eden! 

~Tracy Oakland, 1st Grade Teacher Topa Topa Elementary School 

Ms. Eden's dance class was the perfect way to end our Wednesday at school. Eden is positive, motivating, enthusiastic, and patient with the children. She encouragingly refers to the children as "Dancers". Her class is much more than just dancing to music. The children learned about sharp/soft body lines. They learned how to move their bodies in high/medium/low positions. They learned to create pathways on the dance floor while maintaining awareness of personal dance space. One of their favorite dance activities was to work with a partner using mirroring and shadowing. The students thoroughly enjoyed dance class and have truly become "Dancers!"

~ Heather Myers, Kindergarten Teacher  

Eden was my gateway to dance. I first met her at the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center where she was teaching a class for moms. There I was with my second baby strapped into a carrier, trying to sway myself towards exercise. Eden encouraged me onward. Eventually baby Zoey took her place in the audience--in her carseat. Toddlers crawled around her, moms marveled at how entranced she was by dance. Eden's class was a permission slip to move again, regardless of Zoey's need to breastfeed during the class, or of my belly bulge or Zoey's nap times. 

After we moms moved out of the early motherhood stage, I followed Eden to the various other places she's taught dance. Without a kid in tote, I was able to explore dance even more.  Since Eden first inspired me to make time for dance, I joined a Bollywood dance troupe with Hamsa and have braved the stage many times. Eventually, my daughter Zoey--the baby in the class who is now five-and-a-half--also took up dance. 

Eden is a fabulous writer and activist as well. She helps connect our hearts and minds to current topics. We have taught a summer camp together and I've witnessed Eden lead classes for kids. Eden's friendly and accessible attitude charms students across the ages. 

~Tamara Davis

Working with Eden was a highlight of my pregnancy. I left each session feeling more connected to my body and my baby and she gave me tips for managing everyday pregnancy aches I was experiencing. She's calming and nurturing and I felt a lasting glow of warmth after each session.

~Katie Imming

Being six months pregnant and being guided in dance by Eden was a gift. Connecting to the elements, the earth and the mother goddess within myself and within all of us was a most transformative experience. I was moved from laughter to tears all in an hour. 

~Kelsie Fox (Trula Doula)

I know Eden as a student in her yoga classes. She facilitates the journey to balance and well being that yoga offers through her loving-kindness, compassion, and passion. I look forward to participating in her dance classes soon. 

~Gerdi Alvarado, 200-RYT and Reiki Master